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Special Edition Pit Fired Coaster

Special Edition Pit Fired Coaster

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These coasters are perfect for putting under every drink or placing on any surface.

They are made by hand from stoneware clay and pit fired. They were individually prepared for the pit firing by being wrapped up with sulphates and salts before being placed in the earth to be fired. After the pit firing they were each rubbed with wax. 

Each one is completely different depending on where it was placed in the pit fire and the reaction of the fire and smoke with the sulphates and salt.

They are lovely and heavy and a great addition to your table.

They are sold individually. Please note they all vary but all work well together. The piece/s you receive will be a lovely surprise. 

Approx. size: Ø - 10,5 cm & 1 cm thick. 

These items have not been glazed. Please wipe away any liquid after use to avoid any potential watermarks. 

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