back story mosaic tray

Back Story Trays

Handmade ceramic trays with a contemporary mosaic inlay. A unique tesserae of past ceramic hopes, broken into shards to give them a new life.

Each piece is one of a kind and available now in either oval or rectangular to preorder.


Handmade Limited Edition Ceramics

Handmade ceramic tableware & objects by Kate Smallshaw, made in Berlin. Each piece has been shaped, formed, pinched, rolled, smoothed and cut using traditional hand-building tools and techniques. Each piece has a tactility and uniqueness which cannot be compared to mass produced ceramics.

Each object is a piece of art for your day and your home.

precious metals ceramics pinch bowl

Expressive Brushstrokes

Handbuilt and pinched white ceramic bowls, mugs and plates, finished with a brushstroke of oxide wash in grey, brown or blue.

Bold statement and characterful pieces for your daily rituals.


Modern & Timeless

The designs of the pieces are made to last on both a practical and aesthetic level. These pieces should last years and with their modern but classic designs, they should compliment a tablesetting now and in years to come.

Wobbly Gingham

A new core pattern for tableware. A glossy white glaze paired with a wobbly gingham pattern in green, applied freehand.

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