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Coiled Vase with White Slip Inlay Pattern #3

Coiled Vase with White Slip Inlay Pattern #3

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Decorative one of a kind femininely shaped vase made with the coiling technique using rust toned stoneware clay.

The piece was formed slowly layer by layer using long clay coils, which were blended together and then smoothed. After the forming process, continuous lines were carved from the surface and filled with white slip, adding a white contrast against the warm clay tone.

The external side of the vase has been left unglazed, the inside has been glazed transparent. The transparent glaze allows a darker colour contrast, which looks stunning against the matte unglazed clay.

H 21 cm
W min 10 cm / max 15 cm

Fired to 1240 C, the piece is suitable for decorative and functional use.

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