Sneak Peak │ B I G Feelings

Sneak Peak │ B I G Feelings

The last few months a new set of quite personal work has been brewing. The canvas for this work has been porcelain with the addition of coloured (stoneware) words.

There was a compulsion to apply words to this canvas as a way of expelling some feelings and sensations taken from conversations, life, experiences and observations.

Leaning into the discomfort of sadness, rage, embarrassment, disappointment, loneliness, quirkiness, awkwardness, the realisation you are not abiding by society's expectations... But also the sensation of personal acceptance, humour, sheer joy, hope, craziness and freedom.

Interpret each message as feels applicable to you.

Designed for hanging onto or being leant again a wall, to be a daily reminder:

  • to feel those feelings
  • life is annoying/hard/infuriating/*insert word here* sometimes
  • that others are also eschewing societal expectations
  • that you can live the path you want to live
  • that your quirkiness is what makes you great
  • and of course to be apart of the drama girlie community

A series is currently in production and they will be available to purchase in the not too distant future. Should you have a personal idea of a message you would like for yourself or someone else, please get in touch with me.

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